Saturday, May 12, 2007

in the beginning

having just completed a new project, and having nothing better to do with myself right now, i figgered i'd give it a bloggin. so here is where we started out: my friend dees-cee and i were working on rebuilding a outdoor deck for a nice lady in sarasota. whilst working there, the pool people finished work on her new swimmin pool, which had a cool hottub feature that waterfell(past tense for waterfall?) into the main pool. it also had two larger waterfalls at the other end of the pool sorta built into the cinderblock wall. as she was looking over her new swimmin area, she remarked that she thought the area sorta blandish, and asked if we knew anyone who did murals. oh, me, me, me, i thought to meself, pick me! so cooly and casually i answered :" I do."

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